Festive spirits soar high as Chinese New Year strolls around the corner. This occasion means new shirts, scrumptious food, cheery music, and of course the ubiquitous red packets, commonly known as “ang pow”. It is not unusual to see young children spout out strings of blessings in Chinese, followed by the expected “gong xi fa cai, hong bao na lai”, which means: “Happy Chinese New Year, may I have the red packet please?”

This custom, which originated from China, has been preserved and seeped its way into the heart of the local culture. “Ang pow”, literally translated as red packet, is a palm-sized red envelope that is filled with money. Originally known as “压岁钱 (yāsuì qián), elders would tie old copper coins with red thread and give them to the youngsters. The superstitious say that this money wards off evil spirits and old age, as well as protect the recipients from physical sickness.

This tradition is now modernized, with paper notes in place of coins, occasionally even replaced with vouchers, lottery tickets, or chocolate coins. Traditionally only given to juniors or single adults, elders have also started handing out “ang pows” to younger married couples, and bosses to their employees. Red packets are circulated more frequently, as they are given even when relatives are absent.

In terms of timing, red packets are not solely handed out during Chinese New Year, but even a few days before or after the official period. Despite being customary only to give out money in even numbers, it is also acceptable to give out odd figures, such as RM 5, and so on. The red packet has also evolved substantially in design, deviating from the traditional red colour to gold, yellow, or orange, and range from beautiful 3D images to minimalist yet ornate designs.

This is where Miracon (M) Sdn Bhd comes in. As a token of our appreciation to our customers, our company will be giving out our custom-designed “ang pows” to all our customers who are going to celebrate Chinese New Year. Bright, festive, and eye-catchy, these red packets will add a festive zing to your Chinese New Year celebrations this year. With our cute images and attractive calligraphy, these packets will definitely be crowdpleasers for both givers and recipients alike.

On behalf of Miracon and its entire staff, we would like to wish you and your family a happy, healthy and prosperous year ahead!